A journey of a thousand miles

Begins with a single step

~ Lao Tzu 


“I was a simple and shy person who 

grew up in a farm in the countryside “

Life works in mysterious ways. Many a time have I heard that, but never did I think I would be a living example of that mantra. I have read and seen people who had their lives touched by something so incredible, but for it to happen to me was beyond anything I foresaw or ever expected. My name is Anna Bojaryn, and this is my story. 


I was a simple and shy person who grew up in a farm in the countryside, my world a quiet place sheltered by all things green and beautiful. Peace and solitude where things I sought; the loud, bustling and fast-paced life of the larger world were strange and mysterious to me. I was attuned to nature, and had everything I would ever need all around me. There was very little change in my world and I was happy that way, but little did I know, destiny had other plans for me. 


We all know dealing with pain, regardless of kind, is not easy. That is simple fact. Few people can understand the trials and tribulations you’re going through, but you don’t have to harbor it and let it consume you. There is a better way to live your life.


If the grief of losing a loved one weighs heavy on you and haunts your days and nights, the answer to your woes lies in energy therapy sessions. If your body feels broken and crippled for every step you take, chakra balancing and holistic healing massage will help to heal your body and restore that rich energy you need. If the hardships of life in general have you stressed and worn, a healing session will explore your body and air out all that stress clogged up within you. 

You may have been exposed to several energy healing techniques in the past but Anna’s unique approach to healing is far more personal than what you have encountered before. She sits with you and listens to your problems; she shares her views and enlightens you on the best ways to solve your difficulties. 

Her methods draw inspiration from compassion and empathy; her goal is to use her seven years’ worth of experience and expertise to convince you there is a kind of healing out there that doesn’t just heal a part of you; it heals all of you. 

Years later when I moved to UK, a day came when I started suffering pain in my hip. The cause was unknown to me but I sought medical help. I was treated, and the pain did subside, but not entirely.


A friend then introduced me to something called energy healing. I had heard of it but knew very little about it. It was an alternative branch of medicine, but one that people approached with caution and even trepidation.


Even after being told what it was, I was still none the wiser, but I trusted my friend and decided to try it. What did I have to lose, and no harm can come from it, right? Turns out walking into that small house for my first Reiki session would be the best decision I will ever make in my life. 

“Healing is embracing what is most feared; healing is

opening what has been closed and softening what has hardened into obstruction; healing is learning to trust life.”

 -Jeanne Achterberg 


“Energy Healing had opened up new doors for me and helped me in more ways that I can tell

What if I told you for thousands of years, mankind had known and practised a form of therapy which treats ailments with little or no recourse to medicine or external substances?


The Japanese and Hinduists were the forerunners in this unique yet amazing way of healing that targets not just one symptom, but rather the underlying cause by taking into consideration the emotional, social, psychological, spiritual and physical state of health of the individual.


The whole point of energy healing is to restore that natural balance innate in every individual’s body. And what does this really achieve? Something we all need: A balanced, healthy and better life

with improved longevity. 


I discovered this new world in the year 2011, and my life has known increasing bliss ever since. Physical pain is ended as soon as it starts; emotional hurting is broken before it grips too hard;

mental strife is crushed just as it starts settling in. My life had been made all the better, but for some reason, I wasn’t satisfied. 


Energy healing had opened up new doors for me and helped me in more ways than I can tell, and I felt its only proper other people benefited from it just like I did. It was too amazing a thing to keep to myself. I wanted to give back to the world; to help people in ways they didn’t know was possible. Thus began my new journey to spread this wondrous thing to the rest of the world. 


I could not have foreseen where my journey would lead me to. From what started as giving a few words of advice to friends and family, I spread my reach to strangers and unknown faces. Slowly but surely, my shyness ebbed away and I became open to more challenges. I set about to change my life and open myself to people, showing them a new modality they can utilise for the good of their mind, heart and soul. 


My travels around the world had me learning more and more about energy healing. I embraced everything and imparted my knowledge and expertise on people in need.


Each session I had with these wonderful people left them eager to know more, which in turn prompted me to learn even more. I soon realised that what attracted me to energy healing is often different from what attracted other people to it, but that did not matter because in the end, we all sought the same thing. 

Regardless who you are, regardless what you believe in; where you hail from and what you do for a living, you are still human like me. I discovered a way to heal myself where traditional medicine could not, and I honestly believe you deserve to be enlightened on this method too.


Allow me to guide you on it. I am of Polish origin and based in London, but your location won’t matter because energy healing transcends time and space to heal its target. There are neither walls no boundaries in the quest for self-betterment. 

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* The School of Psychic Studies – Intermediate Psychic Development


* The College of Psychic Studies – Accreditation Certificate in Healing


* School of Intuition and Healing – Spirit Release, Soul Retrieval, Ancestral Healing, Working with the Heart


* Access Consciousnesses – Bars 


* Piurebioenergy – level 1


* Reiki – Level 2


* Introduction to Counselling Skills


* Anatomy and Physiology for Healers 


* Yoga Hatha – 200 hours teacher training, Rishikesh, India


* Diploma in Swedish Body Massage


* Quantum – Touch – Level 1 

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