Our First FREE Channelled Meditation is Ready for You! 

Here at The Anna’s Holistic Centre, together with The Mind and Flex Academy, we have created our first channelled meditation for you, and it’s FREE! 

Our First FREE Channelled Meditation is Ready for You! 

  Here at The Anna’s Holistic Centre, together with The Mind and Flex Academy, we have created our first channelled meditation for you – that is creating total connection between your Heart and Divine Light Energies…and we are very excited about it!   Divine Light is the Energies of that ‘Bigger Power’, that has created all of us – no matter of your religious upbringing or beliefs. For some people it might be Creator, Great Spirit, Father Sky, or God – we encourage you to use your own term.  
Recording Our First FREE Channelled Meditation
  This particular meditation that we are sharing with you today is active and fun. It takes you to different places and ensures you are involved in it. It is unscripted and is channeled on the day of recording, so that – in the moment – it is unique to you and powerful.   This meditation is for those that have tried some therapies already and are still feeling stuck, emotional and are looking for connection. That is what it brings, inner connection and belonging, to this world.  


This meditation is for those who wish to:
  • Expand their Heart Centre and to connect to the supportive energies of Mother Earth, Father Sky, Divine Light and the Creator.
  • Clear those destructive energies from their body that are feeling heavy or are blocking you from feeling happy (like pain, hurt, hatred etc).
  • Receive healing for their whole being. Bringing in line your physicality, energies surrounding your body (Aura and Chakras), and uniting it with your driving force and mind to create bliss.


After meditation you will feel joyful, calm, your soul lifted, and leave with complete inner peace.  


Please find a quiet place where no one can distract you for 16-17 minutes – duration time of meditation. Light a candle, if you have already created a meditation space – do it there. If not, choose comfortable place in your home or you can also complete this outside in a park, if you like to spend time in nature. Choose your own space. Please sit during meditation and be awake and conscious– this way is most powerful. But if you will fall asleep – it’s OK – not to worry – it will still work! Take few (at least 3) deep breaths before, in through your nose and out through your mouth – it can be in for 5 and out for 5 – nice long and even. If during meditation there are some terms like Angels, Light Beings etc. that you do not feel connected to – allow yourself to see this like an energy that is there to support you (or use your own terms). If your mind starts questioning: How do I do this? Am I doing this correctly? – just allow your body and mind take you on this journey.  However, you will receive this meditation, it is a perfect way for you at this time, but every time will be different. Allow yourself to explore – be an explorer!!!  

What people have said already:

“I did your meditation three times and it was really effective. Relaxing, easy to dive in” J. “It feels authentic and by that, I mean that I could feel the energy you were bringing in with your intention. I really liked the music; nature sounds and the voice pauses. The pauses give my mind a chance to absorb your words and then apply your directions. Keep going! This is amazing!” M. “I really like the meditation, the music, your voice, your words and that you say from the beginning what is the purpose of it…which I love…and at the end I really enjoyed this with the smile. I think that’s it. Very well done! And thanks for sharing! Namaste.” M. Z. “It really flows, for me is just great, it is unique so I wouldn’t change anything. Lovely background music, soft voice, very calming!” G.  

This Meditation is FREE and available for you now! Enjoy 😊

  Let us know how it was for you as we are going to create more meditation like this in the very near future. We are always open for your feedback and are super excited to hear your experiences!!! Namaste – Anna Bojaryn.

Anna Bojaryn, Intuitive Energy Healer & Holistic Therapist

Anna has 7 years of experience in Healing. She creates Healing Space for people to reconnect with their Body, Mind, Heart & Soul. She’s teaching Hatha Yoga and Meditation, also offering Swedish Massage combined with the healing treatments. Member of CMA – Complementary Medical Association. She lives in London, UK.

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