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The 3 most life-changing sessions!

The 3 most life-changing sessions!
Since meeting Anna and having 3 healing sessions, it's with a light, warm and happy heart that I write this testimonial. Words cannot really describe the years of emotions I had been wracked with that seemed to so easily, with her care, guidance, and advice, evolve into a life I should've been living a long time ago! Emotions I had misunderstood, tried to ignore resulting in certain implosion, afforded me new opportunities after these sessions, and I cannot be any more grateful. Every day I remember her wise words and reflect on them, and I feel myself moving forward with so many aspects of my life.

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I have experienced a session with Anna and I am impressed by her analytical skills and knowledge. I was sceptical at the beginning because it was the first bio energetic session in my life. Anna explained everything to me. During the session, she helped to accept my parents as they are. As a result of that, I feel stronger and more grounded in my life. My career is speeding up. I feel like Anna did "something" during the session that I cannot explain in words but I feel it. Something good happened! I can recommend a session with Anna for everyone, who are want to develop in life and career.

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Justyna Falkowska
I feel stronger and more grounded in my life.
Thanks to her sessions I started to find true calmness, joy, happiness, openness, light, and energy in my life ...

Highly and very warmly recommend Anna to all who need support in their journey and pursuit of truth, connection with their inner power, energy of earth.

I truly believe that was meant to meet Anna on my life path.
She is an amazing, warm and caring person with great intuition and knowledge. Great healer full of good energy, light and love. Thanks to her sessions I started to find true calmness, joy, happiness, openness, light, and energy in my life that I can share with others as well.

Thank you Anna!!

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I felt a huge income of energy and clearer vision

I have met Anna very randomly few years ago and was a bit suspicious how her therapy will help me in real life.
But already after first session i felt a huge income of energy and clearer vision on my situation.
Since then i visit her regularly and come to her meditation and group sessions which are great too!

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Anna is Amazing Person and Healer

Anna is an amazing person and healer. She has been very supportive and helpful throughout my personal journey. I believe that everyone can benefit from her love and light! I have done group meditation as well as one to one.

Thank you Anna! Highly recommend it for everyone who is ready to explore the world of energy and self-healing.

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I warmly recommend Anna's healing. She is a true natural healer.

Anna just came into my life when I needed her the most on a yoga course in Nepal. I had been sick for about 14 days and one day I just had a breakdown from the physical and metal exhaustion, I cried and cried. Seemed endlessly.

Anna saved me. She gave me the most healing, warm and caring hug I have every had. She also offered me a free treatment. I clearly felt the energies shifting in my body during the healing session. I felt very safe with her. Afterwards I felt such calm and peace. Balanced. Knew that everything would be fine. She was my angel.

I warmly recommend Anna's healing. She is a true natural healer.

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Anna does an amazing healing work!

Anna does an amazing healing work, even at a great distance (being in different countries)! She helped me for some months when I was going through an emotionally hard period of my life.

Since the day she began the healing, I felt more peaceful and more energetic (and the difference was clear). Then, week after week I noticed big improvements and I never felt as low as before again.

It greatly helped me with the process of accepting certain events and it helped me to recuperate my emotional balance, my joy and my hope. And for that, I am truly grateful!

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I wish you all the very best for your continuing healing journey

Dear Anna,  I had the great opportunity to consult you once a month for healing sessions over the past two years and each time I felt at ease and safe. Also, I felt concrete benefits.

I really liked your feedback, the use of cards and suggestions at the end of the session. I have found you to be empathetic, caring and with a genuine positive regard for me. I feel you live your life with spiritual integrity which is very important for me. I wish you all the very best for your continuing healing journey. Love and Light.

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It was such a relieving and happy feeling!

Dear Anna,

I am so very happy that I have met you and it is my great pleasure to recommend you!
Back then, I was very depressed and I felt like as if I was kept in a dark hole without any energy left to help myself getting out of there. My sister was sad to see me like this and made an appointment for me with Anna. I was very sceptical because I did not know anything about energy healing. But I had nothing to loose and felt hopeless. Without any expectations I went to my first energy healing session with Anna.

When Anna started to heal me, I was so astonished because I did suddenly feel the energy flowing through my body. At first there was warmth, then my feet started to tickle and I had to laugh from my heart. It was such a relieving and happy feeling, as if the negativity left my body and the positive energy could flow through my heart again.

During my stay in London I had the pleasure to see Anna twice and was very amazed about her ability to feel with me and that she saw things that nobody could know about me and my family. I was very impressed when Anna helped me with my ancestry problem. I cannot explain my healing experience in a rational way, but I know that my inner blockades are breaking up and that I feel positive and motivated again.

Thank you very much Anna! I cannot thank you enough for healing my heart especially. All the pain and pressure in my chest are vanishing more and more. With gratitude and love!

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Her healing helped me to bring the joy back in my life when I felt stuck and unhappy

Anna is a very nice and friendly person who you feel comfortable immediately. She is very talented and amazing healer. Her open heart, intuition and great skills are a wonderful recipe for a positive outcome. Beautiful Inside & Out Massage I totally adore was quite powerful. Her healing helped me to bring the joy back in my life when I felt stuck and unhappy.
I am really grateful for the change she has helped me achieve!

I also attended her Inner Child Workshop in which Anna has done an amazing shift in everyone involved.  It was an interesting experience for me and brought up a lot of things that needed healing. Afterwards I felt great and in peace with myself and most importantly comfortable with my childhood challenges and trauma.
Anna is very good in helping you to connect with your body and to digest your suppressed emotions so the healing can start. Her approach is unique and very gentle so you feel comfortable at all times. Anna leads you with kindness out of the comfort zone to help you understand more of yourself.
I am very lucky to have met her!

I believe she is a significant person, an earth angel, in my journey of healing! A very big thank you Anna!

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