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 Explore my amazing range of different treatments and therapies at Anna’s Holistic Centre and discover the many ways to holistic health, well-being and nourishment. 


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Monday 10am – 3pm

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Friday 10am – 8pm

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*additional appointments also might be available on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Please get in touch for confirmation

Energy Healing 
Holistic Healing 
Beautiful Inside 
& Out 
Hatha Yoga 

Energy Healing Therapy



This session opens up doors to the past and future. We sit down and talk about your life, both the past and present, then discuss the vision you have for your future. We converse about what you’re going through and what you aspire to change about your life. Doing this will reveal your desires and wishes. It will give me a deeper insight on who you are and give a better understanding of what I’m working with. 


What comes next is a what I call ‘hands-on healing’, and I mean that literally. I draw upon energy and channel it to your energy field; feel it caress and suffuse into you. It clears your aura and seeps into the parts within you where there is a break in energy flow.


The response we get and what comes to the surface will determine the next step we take. What happens during this session can be one of many things. Maybe your inner child suffered wounds once upon a time, and those wounds need healing. Perhaps life was cruel and harsh to you, and the experiences you suffered had ripped a part of you away that you want it back. Soul retrieval is exactly the treatment you need for this.


It’s highly probable these things plaguing you could be a manifestation of your past life trying to gain strength by coming out of you; or perhaps some manner of an ancestral entity trying to usurp you. People suffering past traumas, terrible experiences and emotional hurting can all find energy healing therapy a useful tool to combat these issues. Each healing session is very personal, and the sole aim is to cleanse your body, so you can make the most out of your life, deriving the best things life can offer.


The tools and techniques at my disposal are things I acquired over the years in my never-ending journey to understand holistic healing even more. 


If you want to experience a surge in energy or need your spirits lifted, and if exhaustion has weakened you and you feel terribly drained, this treatment could very well be tailored to your needs. The 90-minute session is more suited for you if more complex maladies plague you.


I also offer a 60-minute energy healing session, but the lesser minutes in no way means the treatment is any less effective than energy healing therapy. As a matter of fact, the former is quite similar to the latter, the main difference being duration. 

Chakra Balancing

Currently Unavailable

This specialised treatment last only 30 minutes. That’s a short session but little time is needed to help you restore your chakras and rebalance your life. This is a treatment I recommend you try as often as you’re comfortable with.


Chakra balancing should be done more regularly than other healing sessions. It has the amazing and refreshing ability to restore vitality and keep it from diminishing; to make you feel younger and healthier. Each session will have you feeling balanced, grounded and in sync with every part of you. Your entire being will know strength it has never known before.


The aforementioned sessions can both be conducted in person or even from different locations via zoom video conferencing. 

Swedish Massage

Currently Unavailable

Purpose of the Swedish massage is to improve overall health and wellbeing. It helps to induce blood circulation, relax tense muscles, encourage more fluid motion, flush out the circulatory systems and in the end, eliminate pain. During the treatment I work on the muscles and ease out any tension restricting them from functioning as is proper.


We are all different, and our bodies react differently to pressure, so I make sure I understand what works best for each individual client I work with. Numerous massage techniques are performed on the body. The motion has good effect on muscle tissue, loosening it up and releasing built-up tension from the daily life.  

Holistic Healing Massage for Women

Currently Unavailable

This traditional Swedish relaxing massage merged with Chakra balancing to create something that is highly effective in restoring all your body’s lost energy and vitality. Few things can make you feel relaxed and contended like holistic healing massage. All the stress of daily life ebbs away the moment you get the massage.


Holistic healing massage is primarily channeled towards women to help rejuvenate them and restore any lost vitality in their bodies. They can benefit from the power of healing hands in a holistic way. Busy women in particular-mostly mothers that divide their lives between kids and work, are always on the move and rarely have time for themselves-should find this special massage very useful.


The stress of keeping tabs on family and work can be very demanding, so it’s very necessary they find a medium of release where all the stress and anxiety can fade away.               


The main benefits to be derived from Holistic healing massage are a stronger body and increase in productivity, but there are so much more: It also utterly relaxes the body, rubs stress out of existence and revitalise much-needed energy. Such a massage also helps you develop your patience to impressive levels, it shows you what true joy is, and it frees any negative emotions you may have harbored in you.

Beautiful Inside & Out


It’s a treatment for women that combines chakra balancing, healing and holistic massage to pamper you and make you forget about all the woes and stress of life.


This treatment locates all regions of your body where stressors have had the most impact on, regardless whether it’s from your head, arms, toes or the whole body itself.


You can see this treatment is very thorough. To call it amazing would be an obvious understatement. I understand how powerful such healing is, which is why I stipulate merely 2 hours of this treatment is sure you make you feel like an entirely new person.


You will feel lighter, stronger and extremely relaxed. You will be one with yourself; fully connected within your body, mind, heart and soul.


So go on and allow yourself to be healed and rejuvenated. After all the stress and hard work, you deserve to be over-pampered. 

Hatha Yoga 1-2-1

(For Beginners or New to Yoga)


This session will have us delving into traditional Hatha yoga. It essentially creates a balance in the energies flowing through your body. Hatha yoga helps you connect with each and every part of your body, every recess of your mind and the deepest trenches of your soul. Asanas, breathing and mantra are the three paths you will walk to get to these places.


From personal experience, I can tell you Hatha yoga is one of the most wonderful and perhaps the most beautiful way to connect with your own body, show it kindness and gratitude, and bless it with better health and vitality.


I will complement each Hatha yoga session with healing. My reason for doing this is a desire to help make the energy coursing through your body flow more easily and with more fluidity. All the debilitating emotions clogged up in there will be set free. There will never be a need for you to hold any of it in. 

Meditation 1-2-1

(60 minutes: For Beginners or New to Yoga)


This one-hour exploration into meditation entails learning the postures and positions you have to adopt and maintain in your search for proper healing. Don’t worry, they are all very easy and with practice, you’ll get the hang of it much sooner than you expect.


Since this session is geared towards beginners, I will teach you about the sitting position and the preparation you have to make prior to meditation, and this includes Pranayama breathing techniques. The next is step is where I guide you on certain techniques you’ll be using throughout the session.


Depending on how fast or slow a learner you are-and on your progress, and depending on the amount of energy within you on that particular day, I can ascertain the most suitable of these techniques to apply. They can range from breathing meditation to a silent or guided one.


We will both eventually arrive on the one that you’re most comfortable with. It will also be the easiest to practice with, and of course it has to be to your liking. There is more than just immediate benefit to meditation, because once you understand and perfect it, you will be able to implement it into your life.


All the stress of daily life can now be kept in check. Unnecessary mental chatter can be slowed down, giving you the chance to explore the potential and creativity in you and channel your efforts towards more important matters. The simple reason I believe this to be the case is because a mind at peace is a mind capable of conceiving wonders. 

Your Home is a Healing Temple

(60 minutes: For Beginners or New to Yoga)

Currently Unavailable

One would think a special space is needed for all of these treatments, but such is rarely the case. Hatha yoga and meditation can be done right at the comfort of your own home for 1 to 1 session or small groups. 


It could even be you want a friend or group of friends or your family members to experience yoga or meditation and let it better their lives just as it did for you. Or maybe you just want the bonds between you and your friends strengthened, and you wish to spend quality time with them in a way that enriches you and reminds you just how valuable and important friendship is, I also cater to groups. A group of a maximum number of 10 people, because we will need a space large enough to accommodate us without making us feel too crowded.


Yoga mats and cushions for meditation would have to be provided by you, but if you require it, I can direct you to where you can acquire whatever you need at decent prices.


As for my services, the prices vary depending on the type of session and number of people. Distance is also a factor to consider as the cost of time and travel will be added in the price..

Distance Healing 

“The healer You have been looking for is your own courage to know & love yourself completely”~Young Pueblo

Choose Your Distance Healing Session:


Energy Healing Therapy (90min)

Energy Healing (60min)

Chakra Balancing (30min)


The following healing sessions can assist you with healing on all levels; physical body, mental stress and anxiety, and connection to Heart & Soul. 


Healing sessions may help you to


  • reduce anxiety
  • help manage depression
  • improve your sleep
  • create stronger mind-body awareness
  • strengthen the immune system
  • manage pain or dis-ease
  • connect to your True Self
  • gain clarity and insight
  • connect to your purpose


*All sessions are on Zoom or WhatsApp, time London UK.


*All distance healing sessions must be paid upfront. Please note, there is a minimum of 48h cancelation notice. 

Gift Vouchers

Treat yourself or someone you love to a little Escape & Pampering.

Healing, Yoga, Meditation and Holistic Massage Gift Vouchers – Perfect for that someone special! 


Are you wondering what to buy to your mum, sister, auntie, niece or friend for a treat or a present? Or have you got a loved one asking you what YOU would like for a special occasion? Gift Vouchers are a simple way to say, ‘Thank You’ from your heart. 


Choose a treatment of Your choice for your loved one:


Healing Yoga


Holistic Massage 


Please add your email, their name and a message for the recipient of the Gift Voucher you would like to purchase, and I will email You a PDF that you can simply forward to them by email or print it out and add to a card.

They simply have to contact Anna’s Holistic Centre to make a booking.


*Gift vouchers are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

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